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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Should Teresa Be Kicked Off The RHONJ?

Post from Babble.

Posted by MaraLee
On last night’s explosive The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Teresa Giudice pretty much loses her mind. Kelly Bensimon on “Scary Island,” was nothing compared to her crazy!

Photo: Bravo
Within the first five minutes of the show, Teresa drops the B-word several times at Danielle Staub and tries to attack her. Video is below for those who missed it.

Sometimes when these women fight it seems staged and there is no doubt that producers egg them on to scream and cry. The ratings are much higher if they have to bleep out swear words or there is the suspense of someone walking off with the possibility of them never coming back. But you can normally tell when someone is going off, they have it mostly under control. Teresa seemed like she had a mental break with reality and could actually harm Danielle.

Teresa even physically pushed Andy Cohen (who let’s face it, should probably work out more), sending him flying on to the couch. You can tell that this was not part of the plan when he scolds her and tells her to keep her butt in her seat.

Teresa has displayed dangerous behavior and she should be kicked off the show. Sure Danielle, the source of her anger, will not be back next season, but if Teresa is this mad at her, she can get this mad at someone else. No one got hurt this time…but Teresa has shown that she is completely capable of attacking someone. And what if producers aren’t around to stop her? I could see an off-season brawl leading to more than just a wounded extension.

What do you think? Should Teresa be kicked off?


  1. YES...she should not be on television....she is like an animal and a bad representation of how a lady should act. I am embarrased for her when she is screaming and carrying on the way she does, throwing pillows and repeating the same thing over and over, runing after people?!?!? I know it is tv but Italian jersey women should not be represented by her. She is scary and unpredictable, and looks possessed when she is in her "fighting mode." As far as Joe cheating.....that has been going on for years!!! Now that the money has stopped she may want off that ride...

  2. agree, she should not be part of next season!!!
    sorry the fact that she is italian does not justify her behaviour!!!! and please dont give us that endless excuse that its Danielle's fault!!!!! we are a bit tired of those excuses!!!
    dont expect Danille to sit there and say nothing while you scream abuse at her!!!!
    and by the way i'm italian....

  3. What if Danielle had got up when Teresa got in her face?? You know, Teresa would of smacked her, and the fight is on!

    Im so tired of Caroline...with her self rightous, judgmental ways. All of these women, called Danille names...pig, trash, whore, garbage, and fuck you, bitch, shup up, etc, etc etc. And stupid ass Caroline says were not bullying you...Caroline, just shut the fuck up!

  4. Yes, if nothing else, for her own sanity and the safety of others. She is falling apart before our eyes.

  5. So true..get her off..caroline too..come to think of it get a different crew..all the members shouldn't be related anyway. too boring and if there is drama relitives are going to take up for each other. Caroline acts self righteos but shes probably the ringleader behind it all.