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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michaele & Tareq's Blog

Post from Michaele and Tareq's blog.

In Episode 4, we were excited to be part of the opening of a new salon in Maryland for Ted Gibson. We were approached by Ted Gibson Salon to sponsor this grand opening of his new salon. Our winery gets asked very often to donate wine to various charity events, in order for venues to not incur costs. Our winery was proud to be supportive to Mr. Gibson. We were happy to invite our friends and clients to support his new salon as well. Ted & I had worked together on a fashion show prior to and had fun! So this was something I thought would be nice to support him.

Photo: Andrew Thayer
Lynda Erk. came up to me and pinched my fanny at Teds opening, and I was nice, as I am to everyone. This was the first time I had seen Lynda since she attempted last April to sabotage my fashion show at the America’s Polo Cup that was held successful in May 2009. You see in this episode Lynda say " I Love You" to me , and I say it back - I think that was her way of saying I am sorry is all I can guess. In April 2009 Lynda went out of her way to call the models that I had arranged to walk the runway for the America’s Polo Cup fashion show and threatened them not to do the show or they would be disciplined with no work for awhile by her agency, as the models told me. Good Grief! Really sad that someone works that hard at being destructive to someone else. Some modeled anyway for my show fearless of what she would do to them to support me and the community.
The night of the show they said "we love you and don't know what Lynda Erk. will do to us, but we are here for you girl!"

Lynda had also called many vendors and sponsors and told them not to participate. I was very disappointed in Lynda's behavior to purposely sabotage another event and also hurt me. I decided to be gracious, move forward, and still invite her out to the vineyard for the I Love Lucy grape stomp!

On the ride to the winery we heard Mary obsess about me. Mary tells us she doesn't have any bad words about me, nor does she judge anyone. We hear this in her own words in the show. Yet we hear Mary contradict herself in this episode and talk of me as a "social climber" using wine to build my social status.

Be real and honest is all I ask from anyone. Don't act one way to my face and another behind my back. If you don't like someone be real. To judge someone because they worked as a make up artist is really sad. I was very good at helping women with style back then, inclding Mary Amons and would do it all over again. Jason Turner's reaction to Mary in the limo on her comment about me is priceless on this ! He made me smile and laugh. Such a great spirit to him. Fun! Thank You Jason!

Here is a "shout out" to all the hard working girls out there - no matter what your career be proud. Don't let anyone judge you or make fun of who you are or where you are from or what your career is! Love to You!

Jason Backe and Ted Gibson came to me at Mary's Birthday party and really wanted to come to the Congressional Black Caucus fundraiser with President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama. They asked if I could help them attend because it was their dream to see the President of the United States in person. I phoned our entertainment attorney, Paul Gardner, who had invited us. Our attorney stated he was able to also get them tickets to attend as his guests. The night was fun with a little drama by Bravo style… more to tell on this soon!

It has become obvious that Jason Backe enjoys acting, or he is just a compulsive liar. His story of the events at the Park party last episode and now during the evening of the Congressional Black Caucus are a complete fabrication, even though it was somewhat entertaining to listen to. Bottom line – Jason Backe lied. At no time did the Secret Service escort us out of the Congressional Black Caucus! It wouldn’t surprise me if the Secret Service comes knocking on his door for making false statements about what the Secret Service actions were that night. Just breakin’ it REAL.

At the winery we had a blast! It was so fun having the Turners & Mary out to the winery during a amazing fall afternoon in the heart of Virginia Wine Country. Everyone remembers that classic moment in “I Love Lucy” when Lucy started grape stomping with her barefeet. We do these wine tours and grape stomps for a lot of our customers and private corporate groups. So I arranged this great afternoon evening with them to stomp grapes, eat dinner downstairs in the winery. It was a blast!

Unfortunately, Cat didn’t want to come out and play! But she loved blowing the whistle! My friend/assistant Jennifer couldn't tolerate any more of Cat's rudeness that day and mimicking me . When I said "Give Love" to help Cat be nice and try to help change her mood to an upbeat style, Cat made fun of me. Jen had enough of her making fun of me. Jen is very real and doesn't tolerate any mean spirit or negative energy. Love her.

During our wine tasting dinner catered by PF Changs China Bistro in the barrel room of the winey, Mary kept asking Tareq what he had to say. She kept pushing to find out. Tareq was staying quiet and finally tells her. Information that we had unfortunately discovered by the authorities is what was on his mind. Let me first refresh your memory, when Mary tells us all, her daughter has problems with taking things without permission. Hence the fingerprint coded door lock on Marys closet to keep her daughter out. We learned that Marys daughter, Lolly was aware of items stolen from my husband & his team, that included a automobile, and thousands of dollars of polo gear equipment. The facts on this case are undisputed, and the authorities had in fact issued arrest warrants on Sean Wehrly, one of Lollys friends. The show producers said since it was a part of what was happening right then in our life to share it and thought it would be better that we inform Mary our self, instead of Mary hearing from the authorities. More to come on this.......... all Tareq asks for is an apology.

Tareq, Mary and Jason really enjoyed the wines and were feeling great! I was the only sober one at the end of the night! But had just as much fun! If you are interested in learning more about Oasis Winery and our wines, check out: . We plan to reopen the winery, based on the outcome of a Trial in Fauquier County Virginia on September 20th where Tareqs mother is sadly now suing her own husband Dirgham who is very ill.

My natural instinct is to always trust & love everyone… however I again learned that it’s important to be careful who to trust.

"Give Love" !

Love & Cheers!
Michaele & Tareq


  1. You two are the next Heidi and Spencer Pratt. ICK!!

  2. To judge someone because they worked as a make up artist is really sad.