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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Real Housewivies Of Miami?

Post from The Miami Herald.

Miami `Real Housewives' spin-off still a go.

Photo: Bravo

Seems that the Godzilla or Friday the 13th of TV, Bravo's wildly popular Real Housewives franchise, may have, indeed, invaded Miami in the guise of the tentatively titled Miami Social Club. Our behind-the-camera mole tells us that an ``official'' Real Housewives promo -- you know, the one where the ladies are either fondling a peach or something to represent their geographical location (in Miami's case, a bag of cocaine or a saline implant wouldn't be such a bad thing since an orange was already taken) -- was recently filmed with all the gals in tow. We contacted our official Bravo mouthpiece who was cagey, telling us that since no air date has been secured, the show sort of remains nameless. But it all sounds like it's pointing to that splashy, trashy, trainwrecky drama-fest many of us, ahem, have grown to love.

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