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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bethenny Will Only Return To The RHONY If Legally Obligated

Article from Hollyscoop.

by: Bridget Daly
Bethenny Frankel is in a pretty good position right now. She’s been successful in distancing herself from Real Housewives of New York, although she’s still technically contracted to them.

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With her own reality show, Frankel has been able to break free and stay in the spotlight at the same time. We’ll be seeing more of her on Bethenny Getting Married, which has gotten picked up for another season.

Bethenny told Hollyscoop, “People love my show because I am telling the truth. It is what it is…that’s my real life…every minute, nothing sensationalized.”

She added that it’s “not scripted at all,” and what you see on the screen is what’s really happening in her, Jason, and baby Bryn’s lives.

As for Real Housewives, as Hollyscoop previously reported that Frankel will be returning to the show for the fourth season. But Bethenny continued to play coy with us, saying, “I wont go back to Real Housewives unless I have to. If I am legally obligated. I don’t know--they haven’t started yet, so I have to see.”

Since Bethenny has had so much success in the reality world, we couldn’t help but ask if she would ever consider doing Dancing With the Stars. “There’s been so many seasons of it,” she told us, adding, “Maybe something else like it,” she teased.

Interesting! We love Bethenny, and think she’s in her reality prime right now! She should continue to ride the wave as long as possible!

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