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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will Bravo Block Danielle's New Shows?

Article from Babble.

For those of you hoping for a Danielle Staub spinoff show, it may not happen if Bravo TV execs have anything to say about it.

This week has been full of wild theories of what the now unemployed Real Housewives of New Jerseystar Danielle Staub will do now that she has been given her official walking papers from the hit reality show, but it may all be a no-go.

Danielle has reportedly been shopping around everything from a spinoff reality show to a Oprah-esque talk show. Apparently Danielle hasn’t read through her Housewives contract which bars her from working for any other network for several years without Bravo’s written permission. (Given the legal battle Bravo put on when Project Runway jumped ship, they most certainly aren’t going to let her waltz off to another channel without a fight!)

“These ladies think they are superstars now and that something like a contract doesn’t matter,” an insider tells Popeater about the situation. “Well, think again. Bravo isn’t in the business of creating stars and then letting them go to other networks. That just isn’t going to happen.”

So unless Danielle heals some of the bridges over at Bravo don’t expect to see her returning to reality TV anytime soon

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