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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michaele Is Too Wacky For The Other Housewives

Post from Hollywood Life.

By:Lindsey DiMattina
And Michaele’s husband Tareq Salahi might just be the cause of Michaele’s social downfall!

The division between the women on the The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. continues to grow as the women definitely don’t want Michaele Salahi to be a part of their group anymore. “She’s just a little too wacky for me to really connect with,” Lifestyle guru and a regular on the show Paul Wharton told exclusively Aug. 28 at the Swagg tent during the closing day of the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge hosted by Hamptons Magazine in Bridgehampton, N.Y. And “I think [the other housewives] do” feel the same way!

Photo: Bravo
“I think that they did the show means that each of them likes a bit of attention,” Paul said. “Obviously the one who craves the most attention is Michaele.” That’s what makes her different from the others.

“She even said something in last week’s episode like, ‘As long as people are talking about you, then you’re doing alright,” Paul told us. “Well, I think the other women [Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney and Mary Schmidt Amons] – don’t necessarily feel that way.”
“You saw some of the interviews like on the Today show and on The View where Michaele was like, ‘You’re just jealous of me,’” Paul said. “Nobody in that group is jealous of her. Believe me!”

“I don’t know where her story can go,” Paul added. “You know what I think — and this is a hard thing to say because this is my honest opinion about that — I think that Michaele could come out ahead of everyone else if she left her damn husband! She could say she was being manipulated. She was in an abusive relationship. He does control what she is saying. He’s like all into that.”

“I don’t know how she could come back without getting rid of him because the wheels are slowly falling off,” Paul said. With Tareq gone, maybe Michaele could get her social life back in order. … Michaele and I were very close. We had a great friendship. It’s unfortunate. [But] she’s always in my heart.”

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