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Friday, September 3, 2010

Teresa Irate Over Sister-In-Law Joining The RHONJ

From Top News Portal.

Teresa Giudice is having more than just financial problems. her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga has been asked to join the Real Housewives of new Jersey next season and Teresa is irate, has learned exclusively.
“When Teresa got word that her sister-in-law was asked to be part of the show she said, ‘If she’s going to be on the show, then I’m not going to do it,” a family source told broke the news Thursday that Melissa is scheduled to be on the show next season.

“Teresa and Melissa don’t get along…They don’t speak,” a Giudice family friend added. “She doesn’t want to be on the show with her…I don’t think that she’s made her final decision and told them [Bravo] that yet.”

It’s hard to imagine Teresa walking away from the payday of a hit show, and one thing’s for sure, fans will love the controversy between the battling in-laws.
The family friend added: “I think they’ll probably just bring more drama, and if Teresa is on the show it would be a competition. They’ve always been in competition.

“Melissa will stand up to her on TV. She’s a nice woman, but Melissa will give her a run for her money if Teresa busts her balls.”

A source close to Gorga added: “I don’t believe she’d want her brother and sister-in-law on the show. She’d rather do it without family. But it’s up to Bravo, not Teresa.”
Now Teresa is drawing a line between herself and her sister-in-law: she has not signed a contract for next season.

“Teresa is holding out now,” the family source said. “But she wants to be part of the show so I’ll bet she’ll sign in the end.”

A rep for the show told “We have announced that the show is coming back, but have not made any announcements about casting yet.”


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  2. You apparently have no clue what old school Italians think!! My parents were born and raised in Italy and never once have I ever heard them say they prefer MASCULINE grandchildern!Italians love family period!!!