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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teresa Wants More Money Per Episode Or She Will Walk

Article from Chicago Now, Reality Zen With Jen.

By: jenn sale
The heck is this? Did she go to the Jill Zarin School of Tabolid Planting for Money Grabs?
Photo: Bravo
Before we start this story stinks to high heaven as a plant. But Teresa really only gabs to PopEater and Hack Job Rob so I'm not sure how reliable this is coming from Radar Online. What I've heard is that there is a money grab for the Jersey Goils because of the preliminary numbers from the Monday night Reunion show. They scored over 3 million viewers, which is the most BRavo has ever seen.

But this article claims that Tree wants a double in episode salary ($7500) a percentage of merchandise and DVD sales (all h'wives were mad that they weren't cut in on the syndication deal) which could come out to a cool million a year.

According to Radar, show her the money or she walks.

Walks and does what?

My verdict...this was planted. Caroline's actually the one that got them a sweetheart deal last year by hiring attorneys to do the negotiations. I'm sure that's happening again, and they will probably get the double salary, and that's it.
Filming is set to begin on Season 3 this Friday (just snips), so we'll have to wait and see.

Better get started on Skinny Italian 2: Chef Boyardee A Go-Go Tree!

What do you think of the Radar Online story? True? False?

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