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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bethenny Says

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Go With Your Gut (So You Won’t Have One)
By: Bethenny Frankel
Many of you ask me if I could post the calories and nutritional content for my recipes. I can’t say that the numbers don’t matter because that would be absurd. However, the goal is to instinctively know what you are putting into your diet bank account, which I know that you do. You are educated consumers and experienced dieters.
The point is that diets don’t work. Obsessing, counting and worrying lead to binging, which leads to weight gain. You all know that a blueberry muffin at Starbucks isn’t as wise of a choice as oatmeal. Reading that it has 340 calories won’t change that. What will elicit change is you looking at that muffin, eating half or eating all of it and adjusting your sweet or bread intake at the next meal. Have faith in yourself.

This is why Europeans are thinner. Their portions are smaller, they don’t count calories and food isn’t their best friend nor enemy. As far as carbs and fat and the rest of it, my recipes all have health in mind along with taste. Cooking fat-free tastes like glue so I opt for low-fat ingredients and recipes. Whole grains are healthier than white ones, raw sugar is a better choice than white and so on. Go with your gut and you won’t have one.your lead and doing the diet bank account… it so works. It’s pretty amazing actually that I can eat what I want… I just space it out throughout the day. So far I’ve lost 5 of my last 10 pounds that I want to lose. 5 more to go but it’s coming off.

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