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Monday, August 16, 2010

WWTCD:Royalty and Phone Calls

Post from OK! Magazine.

What Would the Countess Do?: Marrying Royalty; Returning Phone Calls
 Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she tackles royal weddings and returning phone calls in the age of social media networks!

Photo: WireImage
This week’s OK! has all the details for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Kate will be stepping into iconic shoes — any tips for her on how to marry into royalty?

Kate Middleton is beautiful young woman who has remained discrete throughout her lengthy courtship with Prince William. She is comfortable being photographed and seems at ease with the media attention she receives. Kate has had years to observe and learn the manners and customs of royalty and reports are that she is well liked by William’s family. She is known for her warmth and considerateness and will be a beloved addition to the royal family.

Tip: Being considerate of others is at the heart of charm and grace.

Mark Wahlberg joked that Justin Bieber has yet to call him back so he can talk to his daughter. In a time when everyone is texting, emailing, Tweeting, etc., is it still important to make actual phone calls? Or is it okay to return a call by another means of communication?

Mark Wahlberg asked Justin Bieber to call him so that Justin could talk to Mark’s daughter who is a huge fan. There is no substitute for a phone call in this situation and texting or emailing would not give this little girl what she wants, which is a chance to meet and chat with the teen pop star. I still prefer a good old-fashioned phone call to emails or texts.
Tip: Don’t leave epic messages on voice mail. Remember to give your number slowly and clearly and maybe Justin Bieber will call you back.

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