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Monday, August 16, 2010

Think Twice Before Joking About Lynda

Post from Media Bistro.

By Betsy Rothstein
Apparently Linda Erkiletian can dish it out, but she certainly can't take it. Among all the housewives, she's got the most acid tongue of them all and repeatedly "worries" about Michaela Salahi's dangerously low weight.

Carol Joynt, a blogger who writes New York Social Diary, and who hosts the popular Q & A Cafe, has issued an especially bizarre apology to Erkiletian, one of the beasts (er, "Real Housewives of D.C.").

There are 13 apologies in all.

Erkiletian threatened a lawsuit against Joynt because she made jokes in reference to her modeling agency. Another offense was reposting Richard Lawson's Gawker recap of the show. Also check out this recap.

FishbowlDC sought comment from Joynt, who met all the demands of Erkiletian's attorney. She even phoned Erkiletian to apologize verbally, but the housewife didn't take the call. "I am not in the market for lawsuits because I am half a house rich (the bank owning the other half) and entirely cash poor," Joynt said. "She has power and I don't. I don't mock housewives to make enemies. I mock housewives because I want to believe they are mocking themselves, and in on the joke. I was wrong and I apologize." (That's 14 apologies!)

Joynt cops to shame. After going to great lengths to apologize, apologize, apologize and apologize more, Joynt writes, "I feel shame and I am ashamed for the impact my joking words have had on Lynda Erkiletian, who is a leader in her industry and in this country for seeking to abolish human trafficking and has called upon the industry to alert models to the perils of street casting."

Next up: Joynt offers Lynda her right arm. Lynda scoffs and replies, "I want both arms!"

(We're joking! Joynt would never do such a thing and we're sorry to Lynda to suggest she could possibly be so demanding. We're so ashamed of ourselves. We can write this 12 more times if she wants.)

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  1. This bitch leaves a bad taste in my mouth...DC housewifes, who cares?