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Monday, September 13, 2010

Danielle Will Host An "Over The Top Show"

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By: SunnyChanel
The infamous Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame is ready for her close up. The loved/hated Danielle is about to start shooting her very own spin-off show. After leaving the uber popular Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has opted to star is something more Danielle centric, really, why should she have to spar and share the spotlight with four other broads?
Photo: Getty Images
Her new reality show will focus on her love life (with rumored girlfriend) and her daughters with special attention paid to her daughter’s burgeoning career as a fashion model and her youngest’s singing career. But this isn’t the only project in the works that will star Danielle. She also reportedly will be hosting her own show as well! What will it be like?
She told TMZ, while she was in Los Angeles, that she will hosting an “over the top show.” Uh, oh. What does “over the top” mean to Danielle Staub? The mind reels!
Her spin-off will be as she told Hollywood Life , “”I’m doing two projects — my spinoff and my real show,” Staub said. “It’s about me and my kids and my questionable sexuality, my music, my daughter’s music, my assistants, my executive assistants, my assistant’s assistants, the interns, some flipping out scenes, some resolution scenes.”

Her “real show?” Curious. I’m thinking something like a Jerry Springer type show but with more glam, glitter and lots more of her “girlfriend”. Or maybe it’ll be a variety program with dance hits, drag queens and Danielle, Danielle and even more Danielle.

What kind of show do you think she’d host?

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