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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pop Candy Invited To WWHL

Article from USA Today-Pop Candy.

Photo: Bravo
By: Whitney Matheson
I love visiting TV show sets, because I'm fascinated by how everything works behind the scenes. So even though I'd never seen an episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live all the way through -- it airs too late for my tired eyes -- I eagerly accepted the invite last week.

I'll admit, I watch a few Bravo shows (Top Chef, Work of Art, even some -- ugh -- Housewives). When it comes to actually discussing these reality programs, though, I don't dare ... unless it's with my magical hairdresser, Will.

I brought Will to Watch What Happens, because, mainly, I wanted to watch what happened when he got to shake host Andy Cohen's hand. Here's a rundown of the evening, in case you're another closet fan of Bravo's addictive programming.

Ten things I learned from attending Watch What Happens: Live:

1. This is the tiniest studio ever (next to my bathroom). When Will and I arrived at Embassy Row (the production company behind WWH:L), we expected some sort of lavish surroundings. And while the office itself is pretty spacious, the studio is miniscule. "This is the size of my living room!" Will said. The studio audience consisted of about 15 of us balancing our cocktails on folding chairs.

Photo: Bravo
2. Housewives need their liquor. Did I say cocktails? While there may be a shortage of chairs at this studio, there's certainly no shortage of booze. When you're doing a live show with tense personalities, that's probably a good idea. Or maybe not.

3. "Oh my god, is this a remix of Planet Claire?" Andy Cohen is the senior vice president of production and programming at Bravo. He's also the host of WWH:L and a big music fan. Props to him for recognizing a classic B-52's track within seconds.

4. The set is a re-creation of Andy's living room. Andy told us that if you look carefully at the WWH:L, set, it's a replica of his actual living room at home: the furniture, the books, the tchotchkes, everything. Will and I spotted one particularly awesome item and gasped at the same time. "Did you see that?" I asked. "The BANANA PILLOW!" we said in unison.

5. Andy calls the shots. On a lot of shows, the host is just a host; he/she won't do anything until the director says so. But this is such a small operation -- and Andy has such a powerful position -- that he often makes decisions on the fly about what will happen in certain segment, etc.

6. Celebrities watch Bravo. During the show I saw, supermodel Naomi Campbell called in with a question for the housewives. Andy Cohen was clearly flustered. Afterward, the executive producer said the call was for real; someone had run into Naomi at a party and she admitted she was a big fan of the show.

7. Kids watch Bravo, too. Another guest happened to be this kid named Ben Wiener, a 10-year-old "Real Housewives super-fan." Will and I agreed that Ben was super-cute and seemed very smart, though we shared the concern that his Housewives hobby may be interfering with his schoolwork. I mean, sometimes I wonder if I'm too young to be watching this show.

Photo: Bravo
8. Teresa Giudice likes nachos. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member requested them while Will and I sampled a dip at a buffet table. For a second I wondered if I may have to make them for her.

9. Teresa has her own makeup artist. He sort of looked like Rip Taylor. (For the record, I like Rip Taylor.)

10. The audience gets no TV time. Will might've been bummed, because he looked ready for his close-up that night. I, on the other hand, was too busy eating the Twizzlers I'd scored from craft services to care about an on-camera moment.

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  1. i am not 10 i am 13. -Ben weiner