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Monday, September 13, 2010

Danielle's LGR Interview

Interview from LGR.

by Natasia Langfelder
Danielle Staub is the most infamous of the Bravo network’s popular Housewives franchise. She was gracious enough to answer my questions about her beautiful daughters, her relationship with ”Dyke Diva” Lori Michaels, her music career, her real feelings about Ellen DeGeneres, and of course, her controversial comments and behavior on the show. This interview reveals a deeper side of Danielle Staub than you get to see on the show, she is articulate, funny and family oriented. Love her or hate her, you need to read this interview.

LGR: While you are best known as one of the stars of Bravo’s reality television series The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), you’re also gaining fame as a singer, author, and Gay rights advocate. In regard to your support of the LGBT community, you were recently quoted as saying, “I haven’t even begun my work in the LGR community yet. I want to go to senate, I want to pass a bill and get gay marriage legalized. I go to events, I march in rallies. I’ve been a part of the LGR community for 30 years….” Please share with our readers some of your upcoming plans in regard to furthering the cause of gay rights.
DS: Thank you for finding a positive quote of mine- one of the few quotes that I really DID say. I just would like to add that I prefer to not put a label on anything. With that said, it’s not about gay or straight rights- it is about EQUALITY for all- which should get everyone to pay attention. As for my upcoming plans, I will be using my “VOICE” to help humanity & gain equality for all. I am completely open to suggestions and I look forward to having you join me in my efforts to march, to attend events, to be out & about supporting gay rights.

LGR: What would you like to say to those who have accused you of exploiting the gay and lesbian community to further your popularity? (And, yes, expletives are permitted.)
DS: I would LIKE to say “Go fuck yourselves.” HOWEVER, I DO recognize that people like to point fingers at me- no matter what I am doing. So, as long as they are paying attention, I hope that they pay attention enough to do something for themselves and for the betterment of our communities.

LGR: Your friendship with singer and dyke diva Lori Michaels is no secret. We know Lori is very active with the “I Want the Right” campaign for marriage equality. Has your relationship with Lori heightened your interest in this important effort?
DS: Yes, of course! However, this is not something new for me. I have always believed you should be able to love and marry the one you are with. EVERYONE should have THE RIGHT.

LGR: In the first season of RHONJ, you stood up to fellow cast member Teresa’s husband when he used the word “gay” in a derogatory manner. That was so brave of you to do, especially in that environment. Do you find yourself taking a stand against those types of comments often?
DS: I don’t think it was brave at all. It was a natural reaction to do what I did. Unfortunately and sadly, yes, I find myself in that position more often than I would like to admit-even at times when it is being directed at me.

LGR: Your new single with Lori, “Real Close,” which you debuted on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live created quite the buzz in the lesbian community. Who knew you had such a beautiful voice?!?! Is singing a recent passion? How did the project come about?
DS: Thank you for the compliment. Singing has always been a passion of mine, however life goes pretty fast at times & when I was able to actually sit down and listen to Lori’s demo of her song “REAL CLOSE” during my daughter JILLIAN MARIE’s recording session with her, I gravitated so strongly towards that song-and I remembered-at that moment- why I LOVE music so much. My passion for music came back to life. So, in essence this song found me…

LGR: Rumor has it you have another song in the works. Please tell us about that.
DS: Ohhhhhhhhh there is so much “more” to come. Watch (listen) and see…

LGR: As mentioned before, you have a very close friendship with Lori Michaels which started when the two of you met at a 2009 Pride event. You managed to dodge Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen’s question regarding the nature of your relationship with Lori quite deftly, but LGR’s readers want to know – is Lori a good kisser?
DS: I can only imagine she kisses just like me.

LGR: Lori revealed that she’s been known to engage in mud wrestling – have you ever tried it?
DS: Well, what I know of Lori- that could NOT possibly be true-at all. She, like me, can not stand being in the mud, jello, or whatever wrestling food groups you might choose from. WE are not that type. [Editors note: Lori Michaels has been known to engage in mud wrestling with Director Gabrielle Lindau]

LGR: Okay, so you can sing, and we recently learned that you can write, as well. Your book, The Naked Truth: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewife of New Jersey–In Her Own Words, came out in late June. Why did you decide to take on this effort and what was the creative process like for you?
DS: When I was approached by Simon & Schuster to write my memoir, I had no idea what was to become of this project, but as I became more immersed into the writing process, I began to heal from my life experiences and embrace who I am. It was a bittersweet process- one that I am very grateful to have had and to be able to say that I am a published author is a proud accomplishment indeed for me.

LGR: As noted, you’re likely best known for your role on RHONJ. It seems that editing makes all the difference on these reality shows; some aspects of a character’s personality are downplayed while others are amplified via the choices made in the editing room. Which of your characteristics do you believe have been lost to the editing process?
DS: I have to take a lot of hits to be “the VILLAIN” on RHONJ. The rest of the season is just as much of a surprise to me as it is to those of you who know the real me. Just like you, there are moments that I am JUST as amazed at the things that “I do” (in the editing world). I get called A LOT of names. And, I seem to appear to be over-reacting when in fact, ENTIRE parts of “conversations” –being directed towards me- where I am on the receiving end –are cleverly omitted. Thus, when I said “That’s a- fuckin-nuff”. It was in direct response to a gay slur towards my friend (who was not there) in season one-which I HOPE that one day will be shown in its entirety.

LGR: Given the drama and challenging relationship on the show, we would imagine it has taken a toll on you. Do you plan to continue on the show for Season 3 and beyond?
DS: Abso-fuckin-lutely. [Editor's Note: It is likely Danielle will not be returning to RHONJ]

LGR: We really enjoy watching you hang out with your girls, Christine and Jillian, on the show. What mother/daughter activities to you employ to keep your family close?
DS: Music, running, boxing, family meals, loads of laughter, lots of prayers, and tons of fun & surrounding ourselves with people who genuinely love and care about us.
LGR: What’s your favorite family tradition that you have passed on to your girls?
DS: Homemade pizza and homemade sugar cookies (and pasta, pasta, pasta). I love to cook it and bake it –and we all love to eat it!

LGR: On the show we also see that you have a several dogs. How many do you have and what can you tell us about them?
DS: We have 3 dogs- Fendi (who belongs to Christine), Sasha (who belongs to Jillian Marie), and Paradise (who belongs to mommy). All I can say is that they are 3 of the cutest Chihuahuas ever!

LGR: While everyone who watches RHONJ may not love you, there is no arguing that your body is banging. How do you stay so fit?
DS: I train 3 times per week with my trainer- cardio, core and resistance training, and I LOVE boxing. With any exercise and fitness regime, you are only ½ way there- the other ½ is proper nutrition (which I don’t follow THAT religiously at all).

LGR: What advice would you give to our readers who want to look as good as you?
DS: Eat healthy, exercise in moderation (for your body type), and take into consideration that rest is important as well.

LGR: You have an awesome wardrobe to complement your stunning figure. What are some of your favorite places to shop?
DS: Actually, I do not enjoy shopping. Am I the only “real housewife” that doesn’t? Either way, I don’t go shopping-unless I absolutely HAVE to. And, I can honestly say (happily) I turn over full credit to my executive assistant/stylist, Kristen Lohman for how you see me appear on a carpet or at an event. On a day to day basis…when you run into me at Starbucks or a restaurant –ya, that is me. But, thank you for this acknowledgement.

LGR: What five “Danielle Approved” wardrobe basics should your fans have in their closets?
DS: It begins in your vanity: proper cleansing products for your skin (Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line) is what I have used for over a decade, less is always best when it comes to make-up…In my closet- my must have pieces are: VERY HIGH BLACK SHOES-for each season (those should be your most costly item-if you were to have one), One black super sexy black dress (backless for me is best-not clingy), great pair of Jeans (that fit you- not that you are trying to fit into. The softer the fabric when it comes to jeans, in dark and faded blue), Great fitting tee shirts, and have to have a very lightweight cardigan (not traditional –something sort of sexy, thin, soft, and longer than your waist –or shorter depending on your mood). A good sweater is a must have! Always remember that my rule is that if you are wearing a top and bottom piece- they BOTH can’t be tight.

LGR: Let’s go through some fun, rapid-fire questions. Ready? Here goes: Everyone watches you on television, but what do you like to watch?
DS: I put MUSIC CHOICE on my tv, so I can hear music because I really don’t watch tv.

LGR: What are some of your all-time favorite movies?
DS: FACE OFF (I love anything John Travolta and Nicolas Cage). I have more but I can’t really think of them right now.

LGR: If you could go to lunch with any celebrity, who would it be and where would you go?
DS: Ellen DeGeneres- at that world famous deli Carnegie Deli in NYC –but the sandwiches are too big for one person to consume- so we’d split it. I would still want to watch her eat it. She is my favorite funny girl!

LGR: If you could be any type of animal, what would you choose to be and why?
DS: A lion. Top of the food chain. Queen of the jungle. LOL! (Plus, I am a Leo.)

LGR: Between filming RHONJ, writing, and singing it seems you are constantly working, but if you had the time to take your dream vacation, what would it involve?
DS: A very private, little hut on the beach where no one could find me….well, maybe just ONE other person –there…with me.
LGR: If you could be on any other Real Housewives cast, which city would you choose?

LGR: A lot of tables seem to get tossed over on the various RHONJ series’. If you were to topple a table, would you prefer to flip a rectangular or round?
DS: Round table- because rectangle resembles square-and I am anything but square.

LGR: Okay, wrapping up here, we just have a couple more questions. Where do you want to be in ten years? Do you think you’ll still be in New Jersey?
DS: It’s tough to tell at this time. I love living my life in the moment and being around the people I love. I am up for just about anything at this point in my life and I want to just be happy. I don’t think geography defines happiness.

LGR: You have a lot of haters and a lot of supporters. As you said in season one of RHONJ, “You either hate me or love me.” Tell us what you would say to your haters if they were all rounded up in one place and you had the stage.
DS: Actually, I say you either LOVE me or hate me. LOVE comes first. With that said, please refer to my answer to your question # 2…where I would REALLY just like to say, “Go fuck yourselves.” (But, I am TRYING not to focus my attention on the haters.)

LGR: Is there anything else you’d like to share with LGR’s readers?
DS: Yes, stay tuned…cause I’m not goin’ anywhere

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