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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Robin Leach Wishes Danielle The Best With Her New Show

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Chloe Melas
BFFs, after Danielle revealed to that she was going to be the next “Robin Leach” we thought we’d ask the British TV host himself what he thought — and let’s say it was more than just “champagne wishes!”
Photo: Getty Images

Danielle Staub, 48, needs to listen up, because the expert on Hollywood’s most elite, Robin Leach, 69, wants to give her a couple of pointers before she starts her new gig as the host of Social, a new TV show on WealthTV! Danielle explained the show to Sept. 13, and revealed it will be very similar to Robin’s hit show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which aired for 10 years. The reality vixen even told us she would be the next “Robin Leach,” but the man of “caviar dreams” chuckled as he told he’s “irreplaceable.”
“I’ve been copied and imitated and impersonated since I first went on TV in 1980,” he says. “I’ve been on TV for three decades so no one is going to kick me to the curb, but I will admit Danielle looks better, poses better, and photographs better than me.”

But if Danielle can shell out the dough, Robin says he’ll teach her a thing or two about the rich & famous before she begins her new adventure.
“Maybe this will bring her elegance, good manners and class to her act,” Robin laughs. “I would offer to give her lessons, but it depends on how much money.”

It turns out WealthTV actually approached Robin for a similar type of show years ago, but he turned it down.
“When they first started they came to me to buy all of the old shows and they wanted to do a new series but there wasn’t enough money,” he says. “All I can do is wish her luck … I hope they have enough money to travel the world!”

But Robin points out that even though Danielle says her show will have a twist, it’s not really a twist at all.

“The joke is they are going to do it differently and mingle with the billionaires,” he says. “What do you think we did for 14 years? We went to their parties, and their charities … so what’s new pussycat?”

Either way, Robin wishes Danielle the best and wants you to know he’ll be back next year!

“I’ll give you a hint,” he says. “It will be 30 years since Lifestyles first began.”

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