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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bravo Has Not Had Any Discussions About Season 2 Of The RHODC

From Pop Eater.

Bravo is pushing back at fresh reports that trouble-magnet 'Real Housewives of DC' star Michaele Salahi will be dumped from the cast if the show is renewed for a second season. In an exclusive statement to PopEater, the network says they'll wait until a second season is given the green light to even begin discussing which of the drama queens will be toast.

"We've had no discussions about a season two -- including any casting -- and won't until the freshman season concludes," a Bravo spokesman tells us. "Any speculation to the contrary would be absolutely premature. And let's face it, it wouldn't be a proper 'Real Housewives' franchise without the drama of casting rumors."
The rumors for the 'DC' cast have focused on Salahi and her husband Tareq, who ticked off their bosses when they claimed (in a new book about them) that their "iron-clad" contract with Bravo prohibits them from talking about the White House-crashing incident to the media. (Nevermind that they've talked about it at length, on the 'Today' show and others.)
In a surprise move, Bravo rebuked the couple publicly, releasing a statement Sept. 15 condemning the couple for trying to use their contracts as cover for their legal woes.

"Bravo [has] consistently and repeatedly stated to the Salahis and their representatives that they were free to speak to press, law enforcement, Congress and anyone else about attending the State Dinner," the statement read. "Indeed, they have given multiple press interviews on that very subject."

The new Page Six report saying Salahi will not be asked back echoes similar sources who told PopEater columnist Rob Shuter last week that she and her husband were being shown the door.

"The DC show is the only show in the entire franchise that isn't a true hit," an insider told our Naughty But Nice Rob in his Sept. 16 column. "And the Salahi's are the biggest reason for that. At first, execs thought they struck gold with all the attention the couple got over the White House dinner. But now they realize not all press is good press and this couple's involvement in the show has turned more viewers off than on."

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