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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drama In The OC

Article from Associated Content.

By: Jennifer Sale
Whoa...some dramz over in my ol' stomping grounds! The OC is full of cray-cray this morning!
So Gretchen Rossi leads off this story with this whole, "I'm gonna sue you just cuz" thing she's got going on with ex-whatever Jay Photoglou. Jay had to refile his libel and slander suit in OC instead of LA County, and Gretchen's been avoiding service. Gee...who might have taught her that? Surely not the houseboy...

Anyway, Jay busted into a party at new Housewife Peggy Tanous' house and served her. Owned. Please let there have been a camera on that!

I know it seems I've flipped the script a bit on Gretchen since I was in luuurrrrve with her last year, but she got bitchy with me on the Twitter over a JOKE about some houseboy of hers, and well, my Gretchen purse went to Goodwill, and I took the makeup back to the dollar store. So there. Ha. That'll learn ya. Mind your own beeswax, girl. Someone go make me a "Team Jay" T-Shirt.

In other news...

Simon "Crybaby" Barney got popped for a domestic with Tam-RA this morning. Turns out he was all butt-hurt about Tamra having a birthday party for one of their kids at her house instead of at a "neutral" location, and when they exchanged the family dog, he hit her with the leash.

Smooth move, dude. Smooth.
And good for Tamra calling the cops on his punk azz. I get the vibe from that guy that this in no way was the first scenario of being a violent tool. It was so obvious last season that he was a controlling dbag.

So there you have it. Some shenanigans on the west coast for a change! I am so hoping they got it all on film.

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